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Lithium Fluoride
Molecular Formula LiF M.W. 25.94
Property     It is a white powder, soluble in acid, hardly soluble in water, insoluble in methanol and propanone. Its relative density is 2.653. The melting point is 848°C. It reacts with HF to form LiHF2.
Appearance white powder
Specification %
item Spec.
Assay(LiF) 98.5 min.
Free acid(HF) 0.02 max.
Sulphate(SO4) 0.2 max.
Phosphate(PO4) 0.01 max.
Mercury(Hg) 0.001max.
Iron(Fe) 0.02 max.
MoistureH2O 0.5 max.
size(through 325 mesh) 96 min.
Use     It is for ceramics, nuclear industrial and optical glass use, also as desiccant and soldering flux.
Storage Store with seal and damp proof.
Packing Woven bags lined with plastic bag.25Kg net each
Price(USD/MT) Negotiable


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