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Silica White


Silica White (SiO2 . nH2O), is a hydrate of silica dioxide and of white powder. It is of a high insulation, activity and absorption. It is insoluble in water and acid, but dissolves in caustic soda and hydraulic fluoride acid without separation under high temperature. It can be filled in rubber to increase its physical characters, improve its inflexion tiredness, wearing, hardness of heating, responses of fixing and extending, elasticizing and adherence of compound materials. Because of its low cost and high white degree, it becomes the best white strengthening agent instead of carbon black. It is also widely used as a thickening in painting and printing, a filling in papermaking, a precipitator of fluorescent powder on the screen, a modal-releasing agent in casting, a sticking agent of synthetic resin, as well as a whitener of coating.

PACKING Package can be 5kg or 10kg plastic woven bags with shrink film, or according to customer's requirements.

                           Spec Items BT-X BT-M BT-N
PH Value 5.0-8.0 5.0-8.0 5.0-8.0
Loss on Heating       % 4.0-8.0 ≤5.0 ≤5.0
Size Distribution       % 75Ám≤0.05 45Ám ≤1.0
DBP Absorbance Value  cm 3 /g ≥2.6 2.2-2.60 ≥2.8
Bulk Density          g/ml ≤0.11
Alkali Metal           mg/Kg ≤3.5
SiO2                  % ≥90
Loss on Ignition       % ≤7.0
Whiteness No less than standard
Refractive Index 1.45
Specific Surface Area  m 2 /g 150-350


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