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Molecular Formula : C13H13N3O5S2
CAS NO.: 116-43-8
Molecular Weight: 355.3

white or yellow crystalline powder, odorless,bitter

Melting point: Decomposes simultaneously at about 184~186 ℃ or 190 ℃; when meets the light may become dark. This product almost does not dissolve in water,and is easy to dissolve in the hydroxidized alkali and the carbonate solution, is difficult to dissolve in the ethyl alcohol and does not dissolve in the ether.

Pharmacological Action: weaker than the PST but stronger than the SG, the effect is the same.
Indication: used for the bacillary dysentery and enteritis and prevents the infection before and after the intestinal tract operation.
Quality Standard: This product conforms to the EP4 edition.


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