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    Shanghai Domen International
    Co., Ltd.

Rm1907, Bldg A, No.1088 Xinjinqiao Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China.

Post/zip: 201206
Tel: +86-21-6106 6956/57/58,6104 3548
Fax: +86-21-6104 3546

Shanghai Domen International Co., Ltd. is a professional high technology company. It aims at international market with integration of international trade, produce, research and development. Domen has its own factories with its main products of raw material medicines, intermediate, refined inorganic and organic chemicals.

Domen, with the operation of “headed in Shanghai , radiating to the inner land”, sales the low-cost products from inner land to the world markets by fully taking advantages of Shanghai as an International Trade Centre.

Four Main Businesses:

•  Export self-produced products to the world;

•  International trade----as a bridge of home and abroad market, introducing excellent products of other Chinese factories throughout the world. Meanwhile, souring and purchasing chemicals as requested by foreign customers. Domen also established the relationship with many domestic enterprises, acting as their Export Agent.

•  Customerised production----we have one powerful R&D Institution and two manufacture bases which enables us to receive custom-tailered orders from all over the world.

•  Providing consultation service on purchasing information. Offering foreign customers with comprehensive and accurate information regarding Chinese chemical trade and manufacturing, etc.

The management concept of our company is “Pursuing eminence through unceasingly innovation”. “Pursuing eminence” means “do every job excellently” and “Unceasingly innovation” means “upgrade the pursuing goals without stop so as to provide clients with best products and service.

Our sales team has specialized in the chemical industry for more than ten years, possessing rich working experience and great passion.

With our insight to the home and abroad markets, with our deep understanding of chemical products, with our excellent capacity of promoting and marketing, together with good relationship with customers from south-east, Europe and America , Domen will be your agent both in China and international markets. We believe we can boost your business with our great efforts.

We hope sincerely to cooperate with you and make great achievements.


Aluminum potassium fluoride

Aluminum Fluoride

Ammonium Bifluoride

Barium Fluoride

Lithium Fluoride

Magnesium Fluoride

Magnesium Fluorosilicate

Silica White

Sodium Fluoride

Aluminum chlorohydrate solution

Potassium fluoride

Potassium fluoroborate

Potassium fluorosilicate

Potassium fluozirconate

Sodium Fluoroborate

Sodium monofluorophosphate


Blue silica gel

C Type Silica gel

Color silica gel with aroma

Fine-Pored Silica Gel

FNG silica gel

Macropore silica gel TSI

Orange Silica Gel Indicator

Silica gel dryer for packing

Silica Gel Type B

Silica Geldesiccant for packaging

Silica powder

Silica Sand

Sodium silicate


Dimethyl carbonate

Moistureproof Cushion




Glycine Food Grade

Potassium Chloride FOOD grade

5'-Adenosine Monophosphate Disodium Salt

5'-Adenosine Monophosphoric Acid(Free Acid)

5'-Adensine Monophosphate Monosodium Salt

5'-Cytidine Monophophoric Aicd(Free Acid)

Calcium propionate

Ferrous Fumarate

L-Calcium Lactate

Sodium Dehydroacetate

Sodium Diacetate

Sodium Propionate


Magnesium Clycinate

50%Choline Chloride

50%Choline Chloride

Adding-enzyme yishengbao

Adding-enzyme yishengbao

Adding-enzyme yishengbao for aquiculture

Alive Bacteria type[ ] For aquiculture

Alive Bacteria type[ ] For aquiculture

Amido multiplex vitamin

Complex enzyme

Compound Enzyme

Compound enzyme for aquiculture

Compound enzyme for bird

Compound enzyme for cow

Compound enzyme for pig

Mar lives Adding-enzyme Yishengsu

multiplex vitamin of electrolyte

Photosynthetic Bacteria

Yeast feed 50%

Yeast feed For aquiculture

Yeast feed For cow



Benzene sulfonamide

Benzene sulfonyl chloride

Chloramine T

m-Amino phenyl-β-hydroxyethyl sulfate

m-Aminohenyl-β-hydroxyethyl sulfone

N-ethyl-o、p-toluene sulfonamide

N-methyl-p-toluene sulfonamide

O、P-toluene sulfonamide

O-Nitro-P-Methyl Sulfonyl Toluene



P-toluene sulfonamide

P-toluene sulfonamide(excellent)

P-toluene sulfonyl chloride

Glycine Pharam Grade

Potassium Chloride Pharam grade

Vitamin B6





Sulfathiazole Sodium




Sulfisoxazole Accetyl

Diethyl Oxalate

Dimethyl Oxalate

Atorvastatin Calcium


Erythromycin a 9-oxime



Vitamin E Nicotinate

Tetrabromophthalic anhydride

Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50% Soution

Palladium carbon fine chemical catalyzer

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